IGI’s ‘Know Your Diamond’ seminar succeeds at bridging the consumer-knowledge gap

Know Your Diamond

IGI School of Gemology conducted the ‘Know Your Diamond’ seminar for the esteemed clients of Sowbhagyaas Jewellery in Madurai. The session attended by diamond zealots across the city, focused on educating the end consumers about diamonds and the various features that help determine its quality and price. With questions about the quality and grading practices in the diamond industry remaining unsettled, the seminar managed to rule out the many dubious beliefs that seem to hinder the intention of purchasing diamonds in end consumers.

From beauty of the diamonds to the 4C’s and more, the seminar enlightened the customers about the various characteristics in a diamond. Experts from IGI emphasized on the purchase of diamonds that are certified by globally recognized testing laboratories.  They further explained the grading and certification process conducted at the IGI laboratories and the sense of confidence it extends to the proud owners of an IGI certified diamond. With the help of an onsite grader, consumers could check the various aspects of a diamond instantaneously. The session concluded with IGI knowledge kits being distributed among the attendees who will help them understand their diamonds better and assist them in making sound diamond jewelry purchases in the future.

In a on-going bid to increase awareness among diamond enthusiasts, IGI- School Of Gemology provides customized training seminars and conferences to an increasing number of jewelry retailers and manufacturers. IGI also conducts awareness sessions for the clients of retail houses across the country. These programs are jointly developed based on the individual needs of each company. With an unrivaled range of coursework, spanning everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewelry design, IGI continues to maintain its place as the world’s most trusted names in Diamond Certification and Education.


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