Pendant Guide

A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain around the neck, different from a necklace which refers to a decorated chain. Pendants have an age-old place in history and fashion. A pendant also lends itself to a romantic ceremony of putting it on and taking it off with the help of a special someone.

Pendants are available in various shapes and sizes. The different use of precious materials renders a pendant into an enchanting piece. Remember your preferred style – pendants can be fun and different or elegant and sophisticated.

Pendant come in various shapes and can be broadly classified as follows:

Diamond solitaire pendant

A staple in the jeweler wardrobe of most women. It usually showcases a single an oval, round brilliant, or pear cut diamond, which can be as heavy as 4 carats.

Three-stone diamond pendant

With three diamond stones arranged vertically or in a pyramid form with two base stones and one top-stone , usually round brilliant cut diamonds.

God Pendants:

God Idol Pendants are the most sacred choice for religious beliefs and values. It could range from any of the Indian Idols like Lord Shiva or Goddess Lakshmi or to the Muslim Allah or even the Cross for Christianity followers. We carry a large selection to explore in gold, diamond and CZ stones

Pendant Necklaces:

The current trend is to wear a pendant that comes with matching earrings. Most jewelers carry a wide selection giving the customers to choice either one or both.

Navratna Pendants

Color stone Pendants are usually worn based on astrological reasons we offer a wide selection whether it is single stone or multi stones. A growing trend in Southern India is the Navratna Collection; this assortment of beautiful gemstones features ruby, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, red coral, hessonite, yellow sapphire, natural pearl, diamond and emerald. A fantastic piece intended to add variety and color to your outfit and jewelry collection. They usually come with matching earrings. You can also find rings in this collection.