choker necklaceA type of snug-fitting necklace worn around the neck. This desired design is available in various types of metals, including gold & diamonds, and often seen in antique gold, inspired by the Mughal era.


Bib NecklaceA bib necklace consists of multiple layers of bling and beads that drape down in a cascading effect near your collar bone, providing a “sizzle effect.” Bibs can incorporate many materials together to create a multi-layered, eye-catching piece.

Layered/Fancy Chain Necklace

Layered/Fancy NecklaceThe layered chain necklace is a popular look, especially when combined with sandblast finish balls details. You can go with the classic chain design or opt for a fancier style with earrings for a complete look.

Tassel Necklace

tassel necklaceThis style of necklace can be long or short, featuring a tassel like motif in the center. The tassle style has been a top trend in fashion jewelry, especially featuring beads and colorful elements. Jewelry designers take this design to a new level by combining it would gold and precious stones. This on-trend design is available in unique styles in 22 karat gold, with assorted accent elements to match both western and Indian attire. The South Asian version of the tassle style is known as dokiya which is shorter in length, compared to the classic design.

Mango Necklace

mango necklaceThe mango design is a traditional style, synonymous with the South Indian community. Manga ‘mango’ malai ‘garland’ is unique to South India and is traditionally worn for special occasions such as weddings. Mango is regarded as a symbol of love and fertility.


Kasu mala

kasu malaThis traditional necklace design,is popular in the Tamilian and Telugu community of South India. Also known as kasumalaior Kasulaperu, is composed of multiple coins, each with repoussé decoration depicting Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth, linked with a gold chain or/and a tiered pattern.

Collar Necklace

collar necklaceThis necklace design that sits on the collar bone and works well with an off-shoulder outfit. A collar necklace merges the boldness of a statement necklace with the sleek silhouette of a choker. Our collection includes interesting designs in 22k gold and the South Asian version of the collar necklace, known as Hasli.

Rani Haar

rani haarA magnificent necklace design that features multiple strands and is extremely long. The name Rani Haar refers to a queen’s necklace, an inspirational style from the Royal Indian era of the Mughals.

Mangalsutra Necklace

mangalsutra necklaceThis necklace made of black beads and gold, is termed as Mangaslutra. The word ‘mangalsutra’ is derived from the two words, mangal meaning holy or auspicious and sutra meaning thread. Thereafter, the wife wears the mangalsutra during her lifetime or throughout the duration of the marriage with her husband, as a sign of mutual love and goodwill, understanding and faithful commitment to one another. With changing trends, the mangalsutra styles now include both traditional and modern designs.

Temple Necklace

temple neclaceTemple Jewelry is the most auspicious ornament design, popular among the South Indian community. The distinctive element of this design is the religious figure of Hindu Gods. The most popular Temple designs feature Goddess Lakshmi, followed by Lord Ganesh, usually accented with nakshi balls detailing.